Monday, March 16, 2015

File Management

What about a debate about folders vs. labels (AKA tags)? Traditionally, files ware organized using folders, until Gmail labels came around. 

Folders are a metaphor, in a computer a folder represents the old idea of a manila folder in a office. A manila folder contains many printed documents. It is generally formed by  folding a large sheet of stiff card in half. This is the reason why a computer folder icon looks like this:

Documents, or files in the computer world, are "placed" inside folders to organize them. So, folders are collections of related files, placed together as collections. 

Until Google came up with a different way of seeing things, and redefined the way we understand the most basic file management routines. Let´s play a simple game, see the two following videos and find at least five differences between labels (tags) and folders... 

First, the usual way... where files are unique objects and might be organized into folders...

Now, the "labels" way... where E-Mails are unique objects with tags on them...

For more detailed information, you might want to read this.


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