Saturday, January 7, 2017

This is my blog story

Scrolling up and down my Twitter feeds I found one entry that immediately caught my attention,

At the moment I first read about the #EdublogsClub initiative, some basic questions arouse: Is this intended for beginners / amateurs or "professional" bloggers?  Is this my chance to develop a habit for blogging? I am currently on holidays, Will I have the time to sit down and think about the prompts?

That was like four days ago. I had the time to give it a thought. So, here I am, prompt 1: my blog story. I feel I have nothing more than a commonplace to write about prompt 1, so I decided not to bore you (if I happen to have a reader) Instead, I will make a confession: I´m here to learn from the community and to try (one more time) to develop a habit into blogging.

I am currently facing a crisis. Some time ago I found this quote by Umberto Eco:

I am an admirer of his work, he was one of the greatest thinkers of our era, and his words came down on me like a ton of bricks right on my head, until I learned about the impostor syndrome while reading Ronnie´s post "Should I blog or should I blog". Why wouldn´t I give it a try? Whether my posts are popular or not, my success indicator should be suitable to my learning process than to others expectations.  So, my challenge  would be to exceed my own current limitations and make a great effort to exit the comfort zone.


  1. Eco's quote is spot-on, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi! That quote you included is very powerful and I can understand not wanting to blog or post on social media at all after reading that. However, we aren't all idiots. We all can have something of value to say. Social media makes it easier than ever to connect to others, why not take advantage of that and potentially develop a network of people who can strengthen you? I am a firm believer in the power of virtual connections. There is no denying that. Through the Edublogs challenge I look forward to building a whole new kind of VPLC/VPLN and I am glad you are on board! I look forward to more of your posts.
    Melanie Ruiz

    1. I sometimes wonder, if some of the most prestigious world recognized thinkers are not missing the point about SM. I don´t fell like an idiot using time and effort (I'm not an English speaker you might already noticed) to write a post, I just feel those kind of statements hide lack of appreciation.

  3. G'day Anselmo,
    Welcome to #EdublogsClub. Blogging should be about your passions, what you want to write about. It is a bonus if someone else reads the post and comments on it.

    By doing the prompts in the #EdublogsClub, we will be starting with a community of like minded bloggers who can then make connections globally if they want to.

    Exiting a comfort zone can be difficult, but we will all be there with you, to help you on your way.

    1. I'm reading the comments on my first post for the #EdublogsClub and the rewarding feeling of having someone take a moment to leave a comment is nice. Although I connect with many people during working hours, stepping out the CZ is always kinda lonely.

  4. I think it's commendable you have taken the leap out of your comfort zone in order to share your learning with others. Imagine how our profession would shift into a more collegial, collaborative space if all educators did so?! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. Glad we could connect through Edublogs!